Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wishing I were somehow there again

First of all, Thank you Saj for creating this fantastic fountain of memories! I can't wait to see it spill over the edges of my screen, recreating fantastic moments shared in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

I think it goes without saying, that I miss London every day; every hour; every moment; I could even say every second, I find myself spinning around, searching for a bright red post box, or the sound of the train approaching in Victoria Station. I nearly cry each time I hear the friendly voice of one of you lovely girls or our favorite Mike, because it's like the sound of home, washing over every bit of my body, giving me the chills, and making every muscle twitch, longing to apparate back into the beauty of a city so beloved.

Perhaps, though, it is the people I miss the most. From the business men who silently read their newspapers in a packed car on the tube, to the Indian Post workers (who barely understood what I was trying to say), to the clip clop sound of the Royal Horse Guard in Hyde Park. But of course, the sound I miss the most, is the hum of the dinning room, James patiently instructing us on the art of chess in the parlor, and the bounding up and down the stairs, with screams of "I saw Ewan!". I miss you all so much, sometimes it physically hurts. I force myself to get out of bed each day, knowing that I won't be venturing out into the city, journal and camera tucked away in my rucksack, ready to meet one of you on the streets, grins on our faces.

Yes....I suppose you could say I miss London.

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